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Naturally, when we think of Christmas we think of over-stated, over the top, over-crowed decorations. Everything is loud, nothing really matches and your lovely home decor is completely overshadowed by the Christmas chaos

It's a beautiful time of the year, and there's no reason why the decorations cannot match the rest of your decor. But it's far easier said than done, but with so many Christmas decorations with all sorts of colours, it's hard to create an under-stated look.


Christmas Decorations - Vintage Elegance - The Crafty Co

Christmas is all about tradition. Naturally, we are guilty of pulling out the same old decorations box each year, just to make it feel like a 'real' Christmas. But it would come as no surprise if the mismatch tree sticks out like a sore thumb in your the midst of your elegant interior.

There's no reason why your decorations can't still feel Christmassy, as well as complimenting the style of your home. Often, we associate decorating for Christmas with the brightest colours we can find (none of which compliment each other!). But you can still have a traditional, Christmassy decoration using pastels, neutrals and shine that is slightly more subtle than the loud tinsel you are used to using.

Not convinced? Still feel yourself itching to get down the Christmas box that is buried in the depths of your loft? 

Here's some inspiration to persuade you to decorate your home with 'vintage elegance' this year.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes - The Crafty Co

Peanut butter, great. Chocolate, great. But together? Mixed and spread on top of a delicious vanilla cupcake. What could be better?

These cupcakes are full of crunch, flavour and yep you guessed it... are as sickly as you would want them to be!
        The finished result looks great fun and would be the perfect treat for a children's birthday party (or an adult one too!). They are super easy to make and the ultimate cake for the messy baker (you don't have to worry about your icing skills here, the fun topping hides it all anyway!).


Magic Ring Tutorial - The Crafty Co

Good morning all

I met a lovely fellow crafter in a shop the other day and we got chatting about crochet - she is fairly new to it and we happened to stumble upon the topic of the magic ring - she was saying that although she had tried it several times, she just couldn't quite get to grips with it. I have used this method for years and have to admit that it is a little tricky at first, but once you have got the knack, this is a great trick to know for when you want a solid middle to your squares

A lot of tutorials make them hard to follow, by instructing you to wind the yarn around several times to make the initial ring - and yes this may make the centre stronger, but if you don't pull the yarns in the right order or pull it too tight too quickly, it simply snags up and gets you all in a pickle


Beginners Guide: to Granny Squares - The Crafty Co

Good Morning all - Well the weather certainly is changing and soon the nights will be drawing in

How about making use of all the oddments of wool that you have been stashing and meaning to crochet, and turn it in a beautiful warm blanket ready for you to snuggle under in the Winter months

This blanket is made up with basic granny squares and then joined with a dc stitch. I have finished it off with an easy edging of trebles.


Crochet Hand Gel Cover - The Crafty Co

I have finally written up my Hand Gel Cover pattern and have posted it below

Please note that this is my own pattern for your personal use, so please do not copy or re-produce it in any way

These will make super little tree presents for Grannies, Mums, Sisters, Dog Lovers, New mums or Aunties and are so quick and easy to make


How to repair a missed stitch in your granny blanket - The Crafty Co

Have you ever been crocheting a HUGE round of your blanket and realised that on the previous row you have made a mistake - Big sigh !
If you're anything like me, I sit there pondering, thinking "no-one will know" and then try and carry on but something niggles away in the back of my mind and try as I might, I just can't carry on.
So many times I have spent ages and ages unpicking it and re-doing it, until I suddenly had a brainwave and came up with a solution
So if that has happened to you, next time you may just want to give this a go


Spring Smellies - The Crafty Co

February is finally upon us! We may not be out of the woods with the cold weather and rainy skies quite yet, but the days are getting longer and the sun is peeping again, yaaaay 

With Spring just around the corner it's time to start thinking about the all important Spring cleaning. There's nothing quite like that clean, fresh feeling, and although February might seem a bit early to start the cleaning prep, these products are going to be something that you will want in your house all year round. 


Crunchy Caramac Cookies - The Crafty Co

It's finally February! yayyy

It's all been a bit quiet over at the Cakey Corner, what with the healthy New Years Resolutions in full swing, but the start of Feb means it's officially time for the resolutions to be ditched!

So if you want to break the rules in a truly fashionable style, these Caramac Cookies are the perfect indulgence that will be sure to undo all your hard work of being healthy in January.

They are soft on the inside, crunchy round the edges and the melty Caramac topping creates that sickly feeling leaving you with a very guilty conscious, but don't worry it is totally worth it.

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