How to: crochet a heart - The Crafty Co

This is a great pattern for a crochet heart - super easy and really quick.  

Personally when I write patterns, I do so with complete beginners in mind so I apologise for those that are competant crocheters. 


Animal Cupcakes - The Crafty Co

What a way to completely waste an afternoon! So easy to make, but super fun and effective. All you need is icing, food colouring, marshmallows, chocolate buttons and chocolate chips… oh and some cupcakes.


Crochet Coaster Pattern - The Crafty Co

Good evening to you and hope you have had a lovely weekend

I have been busy making coasters and would like to share this pattern I designed with you all.
I would usually crochet these in cotton but it is easier to demonstrate the stitches in acrylic


Dog Treats - The Crafty Co

There's nothing we love more than baking up some sweet goodies. Whether it's cookies, cakes or savoury bites there's always one common thing that is always in our kitchen; a tilting head, sniffy nose, adorable eyed dog watching it all.

Not being able to take the smouldering stares any longer, we have taken over the kitchen to finally bake some treats that are all for the doggies (they are still all human ingredients, though, so hands off!).

With us human's being very fussy about what we put into our bodies, we thought it's good to know exactly what is going into our dogs treats too.

Taken from the book, Three Dog Bakery Cookbook and adapted to our own style, these barking bites are a great treat to cook up something yummy, and healthy for your furry companion (and there's obviously the fun of baking for you to enjoy too!).


Sugar Free Banana Muffins - The Crafty Co

There is nothing quite like the comfort of a nice, moist banana bread. It's the perfect combination of sweet and savory, making us feel as though it's the ultimate healthy snack; in reality, we know it's not! Until now.

'Sugar free' is a huge craze that is nothing new to the world of baking (thank you Pinterest!). But with our traditional baking recipes being so dear to us (who else has a go-to banana bread recipe they just can't let go of? Guilty!) it just feels too precious to trade. There's always the thought in the back of our head that a sugar free recipe might be healthier, but will it be as good?

Now, we know what you are thinking. It's impossible. But with banana's containing sugar (yes, the really healthy ones amongst you will say that this means it can't be 'sugar free'), it's actually super easy to make healthy changes that don't sacrifice taste. Are you tempted yet?

Taking basics from this BBC recipe, we have made some little changes to create a banana muffins that everyone will house the ingredients to make!

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