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Hi all

Brrrr it's so cold out there - you'll find me tucked away in my crafty corner, and today it's all about up-cycling.
As you know I have a bit of an obsession with not throwing away things that I think can be used for something else, especially jars and pots.  I was lucky enough to be given some very tasty biscuits for Christmas and although they are long gone, I just couldn't throw the tube away.
It is such a useful size (although I would argue that ALL empty tubes and jars are the right size for something) that I just had to give it a makeover


How to: crochet jar covers - The Crafty Co

I absolutely hate throwing things away and am always looking for ways to upcycle everyday objects that would otherwise be heading for the bin

I have an obsession with saving glass jars and using them to keep all sorts in - pens, hooks, knitting needles, stationary and lots more things - tall jars are great as vases and cost next to nothing to make. They are really boring to look at bare so I make them jackets using jute (garden twine) to make them look very chic

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