Friday, 6 March 2015

Crochet Flower - leaves and granny square tutorial

Hi everyone,

It's been really busy here at The Crafty Co,  but I locked myself away and have finally finished the tutorial on how to add leaves to my crochet flower pattern and turn it in to a granny square.  The added advantage of making them this way, is you don't have to sew the flowers on to squares, saving a huge amount of time....... and it makes your finished project, much neater, and have people admiring your beautiful professional looking items.

Personally, I like to make all my flowers at once, adding the back chains at the same time, but not the leaves or granny squares.  This means that I will always have a stash, and I can then decide if I want to add leaves or squares once I have chosen what I want to make.

The reason I add the chains at the same time is I am already working with the yarn, and it saves me from having to rejoin yarn later

Once you have made your flower, follow the instructions in the tutorial below

As explained in the video,  I am working with a different coloured yarn purely so that you are able to see what I am doing.  You should use the same colour yarn as your petals, as once the leaves and square have been added, the chains will blend in and not be too visible.  We will add leaves to the outer chain and use the inner chain to create the granny square

In the tutorial below we will be adding the leaves to the flower.  As we have 8 chains in our outer round, and are creating 4 leaves, each leaf will be worked over 2 chain spaces.  Once you have mastered the basic leaf sequence, if you prefer, you can change the number of leaves worked.  You could work in every chain space and make 8, although personally I think it would look too busy, or you could add 1 or 2, either next to or opposite each other.  The great thing is, that the choice is yours.

To recap, the sequence for the leaves are - 1st half (worked in 1st chain space) 1dc, 1ch, 2tr, 2dtr, 1trtr, 1 quadtr, 2ch and then slip stitch into the bottom of that 2ch (which creates a cute little bobble at the top of the leaf).  To complete the other half of the leaf, work this next sequence into the next chain space - 1 quadtr, 1trtr, 2dtr, 2tr, 1ch, 1dc and then secure your leaf by working a slip stitch into the next chain space.

Once you have added your leaves, you can stop there if you like and maybe add a brooch finding to the back or if you haven't got one, perhaps a safety pin.  You ave now created a gorgeous embellishment for a coat or to jazz up a cushion.

However, the whole point of designing this flower was to be able to join it effortlessly to a granny square.  In the tutorial below you will see how easy it is to achieve this and the professional result that it gives, making admirers wonder how you did it.

Just to clarify that I only used a large hook purely so that it would be easier for viewers to see and follow how the stitches were worked.  I worked with a double knit yarn and would normally use any size from a 3mm to a 4.5mm hook.  This will make the flower look much more compact and neater.  If you are a beginner, I would always advise practising with a larger hook than needed, as you can see the stitches better and hopefully understand what the pattern is telling you to do.  Once you understand and are happy with the pattern you are making, you can then use the correct hook, and hopefully you will be more confident and achieve the results you want.

I hope you enjoy making these flowers and please send me pics of yours.  If you need  help with any of the instructions, please feel free to ask

Happy flowering

The Crafty Co