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Crochet Flowers on Granny Squares

Who doesn't love the the look of the traditional Granny square.  They are so versatile and very quick and easy to make.
We also love flowers and although they are great as a stand alone embellishment, they look fabulous added on to cushions or pillows.  The down side to this is it takes time and effort to sew them on, so we can up a nifty idea on working the two together.

At the Crafty Co, we like to make all the flowers at once, adding the back chains at the same time, but not the leaves or granny squares.  This means we will always have a stash, and can then decide if we  want to add leaves or squares once we have decided what to make

The reason the chains are added at the same time is we are already working with the yarn, and it saves having to rejoin yarn later

There are 9 tutorials, from working the magic ring and first round, right through to adding the leaves and working the granny square.

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