Monday, 15 June 2015

When you're approached by a Dog Shelter to make bandana's for dogs that need re-homing who could say no? Or more to the point, who would want to? 

While this handsome chap belongs to The Crafty Co, and is definitely not up for adoption, creating dog wear that could potentially help a dog that needs to be re-homed has been one of the most re-warding projects yet. 

Once these had been made, a whole heap of possibilites opened up. Why stop at dogs that need re-homing? Why not help dogs with other needs? 

A dog who is deaf can often face fear that cannot be seen by most. Making a bandana that informs people of their condition could potentially help eliminate some of this fear.

As much as we would love them to be able to, dogs cannot speak for themselves. Often people approach them completely unaware of their temprament. They may not be keen on being around people they don't know, and could benefit from having something that tells people that. 

And then there are just the dogs that want to brag about how lovely, naughty or important they are and we feel that they should have the chance to do so too. 

Whether you own a deaf or timid dog who could benefit from others being made aware, or you want to let everyone know about your dogs unique personality find a selection of bandana's here: The Crafty Co Shop

How to Use Cushions to Personalise Your Home

Nothing says cosy like a whole bunch of personalised stuff.  For a home to really feel like yours, it needs to be filled with what you love, and having items that are completely unique to you is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Obviously at The Crafty Co we are a big believer in that nothing makes your house homely like something that is home made, and these cushions do exactly that.   Having your name on your possessions, alongside a design that is unique to your taste is the perfect way to make your home feel personal to you, and make sure that it reflects your tastes well. 

While expensive stylish furniture can give your home a desired look, it's difficult to deny that possessions with sentimental attatchments hold far more value and likely to be cherished.  Gifting someone a cushion that they can add to their home, creates a personal feel and offers a possessional keepsake that will be treasured. 

Having a gift displayed in a home can act as a reminder of those who we love, and as a result create the perfect addition to making a cosy home. 

To add some cosiness to a home, head on over to The Crafty Co Etsy Store and purchase one.