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This is a fab little project to add a bit of luxury to your birthday decorations
 These baubles are made using die cut shapes. When making any form of bunting, I personally think it gives a more professional look if both sides of the bunting look good. That way you don't have to display it against something solid and it can be hung in the centre of the room for all to see


Upcycle inspiration - The Crafty Co

Hello to you all from a rather gloomy Crafty Co HQ.

With the damp weather outside, we are bringing some sunshine inside and doing a spot of up-cycling.

Up-cycling is a wonderful way to revamp or refresh items that you no longer love or are out of date.

You may have items stashed away in your loft or you may want to decorate your house, but simply don't have the spare cash to splash out.

If you don't have anything laying around, charity shops or reclamation yards are a great source for finding items.
The general rule I adopt when searching is, firstly do I like the design or shape and secondly, would I have the expertise to turn it into a piece that I would be happy to have in my home.

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